Grande Prairie Realtor Morgan MacLean

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent in Grande Prairie

I’ve spent the better part of a decade living in Grande Prairie and have seen the highs and the lows in this city in that time.  Right now with the economic recession in full swing here in Canada it’s been a lot different living in the city.  Many workers are laid off and leaving and that’s opening the door for people like me to possibly jump on buying a new home with the low market.

Having spent the better part of four years living in Inverness Estates (a condo building) I decided it was time to move on to the next stage in my life and actual become a home owner. The problem with buying a home in a recession is it seems to be a pain in the ass as a lot of people are more hesitant to budge on their asking price and the properties for sale (while still abundant) were starting to feel a little repetitive.  The great thing about the Grande Prairie real estate lookout is it feels all the same.  With so many neighborhoods having been put up so fast in the past many homes were built poorly or they look and layout exactly the same (that’s just my opinion).

The most important step for me was finding a reliable Realtor. Truth be told it wasn’t easy.  The thing about Alberta is it’s been such a buyers market in the past that so many people have started becoming a REALTOR and Grande Prairie alone is home to one of the largest selection of Realtor’s by population.  Everywhere you look in this town you seem to see an agent advertising.

After having a miserable experience with my last agent when I bought my condo I decided it was time to set forth and find someone new.  There is a lot of big names out there that for anyone living in Grande Prairie they’re familiar with.  Truth be told though that I’ve had some friends who have had poor experiences with them and I was a little hesitant to go that route. It was kind of dumb luck that I found the REALTOR I would end up using.  Call it fate, call it luck, call it whatever you want but as I was leaving my condo building one afternoon I ended up sharing an elevator ride back down where we got to talking.  I asked him if he was in real estate and the rest was kind of history.

Sounds like some sort of weird movie plot doesn’t it?

Having spent an initial consult and free home evaluation the plan was moving forward and I got set to sell my condo.  With the recession I wasn’t expecting it to sell anytime soon but before I knew it showings were happening and I found myself somewhat in a pinch to start considering finding a new home myself.

Thankfully my Realtor, Morgan MacLean was ahead of the curve.  I had told him I was on the lookout for a new home with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  I wanted to find a nice backyard that didn’t necessarily overlook my neighbors. Within 24 hours I had three properties to look at, needless to say I was impressed with the service.

Having since moved into my new home I have been pleasantly surprised and happy that I actually have to do yard work now. Having sold my condo within 30 days and being able to move into a new home within 60 has been nothing short of extraordinary.  I can’t say enough good things about Morgan and his assistant on the job they did.

I know there are a lot of great REALTORS in Grande Prairie available for hire but if you’re stuck looking for one I recommend checking Morgan out, you can find him at:

Suite #67 10114 100 St.
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2L9

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