New fire halls for hamlets

The hamlets of DeBolt and Grovedale will soon be welcoming new fire halls into their midst.

Tuesday, both hamlets had ground-breaking ceremonies to commemorate the start of construction on the buildings.

DeBolt Fire Chief Tom Burton said the new fire halls are an exciting advance for the communities.

“This is very exciting because it’s allowing the community to grow and… (is) providing a facility that will allow our members to continue upgrading their training. Also to house the units that we need to provide a level of service that council has determined,” he said after the ground-breaking.

“The building we’d been in was constructed in 1981,” Burton explained. “It was added on to a few years later, and the original cost was darn near as much as the add-on. And we have outgrown that facility. We don’t have an area to expand there for that. So we started looking at the community – where would we locate a future fire hall? This here came up because of the future interchange. If this becomes a super-highway, this access here (at the intersection of Highway 43 and Secondary Highway 736) will be gone; it’ll be located about a half a mile down the road here. So we will still be able to access Highway 43 as well as our side roads. So that was one of the reasons for this location.”

Municipal District of Greenview Reeve Dale Gervais said the projects were undertaken because “over the next 40 to 50 years, both DeBolt and Grovedale will see significant population growth.” The total cost of each project was approximately $7 million.

MD of Greenview communications officer Diane Carter said that this is a project that looks towards the future.

“As the Reeve mentioned, this is going to be built for future generations, and so we’re building a building now that has space; five pull-through garage bays to handle all the equipment, one wash bay, space for the community as it grows and as we need to adapt our response… We have capacity that in future if we need to expand further we can look at other options for residences. So really this is about looking at what DeBolt will be like in the next 20 to 50 years and building a project right now that can meet those needs,” said Carter.

Fire Chief Burton said he anticipates that the members of the fire hall will be in the new buildings by December 2015 or January 2016.