Kakwa Falls is a Must see

Alberta has a whole world of outdoors to offer, so it isn’t surprising that just a few hours a way from Grande Prairie there is one the most beautiful waterfalls to be seen.


Kakwa Falls is Alberta’s tallest waterfall and is located in Kakwa Wildland Park. The park is a popular spot for mountain biking, hiking, and RVing. It is highly recommended that you hike the trail and see the waterfall yourself!



The Kakwa River twists through the park until it reaches a rocky ledge that drops into the basin below. The water splits off into a fork and descends the 30m Kakwa falls in a spectacular water show.


Not only can you view the waterfall but there is also plenty of opportunity for fishing on your way towards the falls, and you can even try your hand at catching a bull trout! If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can also hike the Kakwa Mountain, which is just a short way away from the falls.


The Wildland Park has an interesting history. The park was once used by native families from the Jasper region to hunt, then in the 1930’s hunters and outfitters from Grand Prairie discovered Kakwa Falls which then spurred on many more recreationalists and trappers to visit the location.


To this day the area is full of wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous hikers with an appreciation for the Kakwa Wildland Park.


To get there from Grand Prairie you would go south on Highway 40 then west on Highway 666. Be sure to have a car that is in 4-wheel drive and to check the conditions before you start your day.


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